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Q74 Saint L Original Single Men’s High -end Fashion Casual Pants, top -level pure Hong Kong goods, 22 SS high -end show, excellent product, annual luxury pants!IntersectionYSL is a typical urban noble luxury brand, advanced and fashionable

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Q74 SAINT L original single men’s high -end fashion casual pants, top pure Hong Kong goods, 22 SS high -end show, excellent product, annual luxury pants! Intersection YSL is a typical urban noble luxury brand, high -level and fashionable synonym, and YSL’s creative designer director, which is quite unique to fashion, and uses minimalist aesthetics to the extreme! A high -end luxurious and amazing pants, from the main fabric to the details, all show the ingenuity of the fashion, explain the essence of the brand to the extreme, and the blessing of the metal rope buckle advertises the brand identity! The tailoring is good, the whole body follows the minimalist tone design, without more craftsmanship, clean and refreshing, and it provides a greater dressing space. The color matching is exquisitely versatile, and it is also harmonious. The sense of luxury in the upper body is in line with the philosophy of urban elite life! Guests for imported fabrics, invincible texture, very scratching, breathable and comfortable, exquisite details, and the level of craftsmanship inherit the rigorous and exquisite American style. , Showing the ingenious craftsmanship everywhere, impeccable, the packaging products are first -rate, and they can be encountered and unbearable!

Size: 48-56!
48 waist circumference 72, hips 102, pants long 99
50 waist circumference 76, hips 106, trousers long 100
52 waist circumference 80, hip circumference 110, trousers long 101
54 waist circumference 84, hips 114, trousers long 101
56 waist circumference 88, hips 118, trousers long 102

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